Personalized Fitness is a business that promotes, supports and encourages healthy lifestyles. We provide the tools, guidance, knowledge and motivation to help you improve your quality of life through healthy habits.  
We believe in focusing your energy on developing new “good “habits instead of trying to get rid of bad habits (or depriving yourself). Consistency and commitment is what creates change.

We encourage you to MOVE MORE in your everyday, especially doing things you enjoy. Being outside in nature is and added bonus. Take the stairs more. Walk your dog more. Bike to work if you can. Walk and talk with friends or colleagues. Play your favourite sport. Join a bootcamp group. Take a yoga class. Go for a hike in the wood. Join a sport teams.  Just get moving more! Not only is it good for your body, it also does wonders for your mental state of mind and will help your body age well.

EAT CONSCIOUSLY with organic and local food when possible, and minimize your consumption of  processed foods. Try eating more foods that grow from the ground and on trees than from factories! Bring your own lunch to work. Make your own food as much as possible. And please, sit down for a minute to eat your food, relax and MAKE time to eat in peace. You know that’s important.

MEDITATE. Create space between your thoughts. Sit still and feed your soul. Turn off your phone. Turn off your computer. Turn off your mind. Re-energize in stillness. Not sure where to start? Try a group meditation class or download a good meditation app (we love to get you started. 

Remember. This is the only body you got and the only life you have. Make it worth it. Take care of yourself. Make time for your health. Help your body age gracefully and make this a priority in your life.