Personalized Fitness is a business that promotes healthy lifestyles. We provide the tools, guidance, knowledge and motivation to help you improve your quality of life through healthy habits.  It’s consistency and commitment to new habits that help you reach your goals. 

There are 3 key healthy habits that we believe balance your mind, body and soul; moving your body, eating consciously and meditating.

We encourage you to move more in your everyday, especially doing things you enjoy. Being outside in nature is and added bonus. Take the stairs more. Walk your dog more. Bike to work if you can. Walk and talk with friends or colleagues. Play your favourite sport. Go for a run. Keep in moving! Active Leisure is a great way to reduce negative stress and leave your mind and body feeling good.

Eat Consciously with organic and local food when possible, and minimize your consumption of  processed foods. Try eating more foods that grow from the ground and on trees than from factories! Bring your own lunch to work. Make your own food as much as possible. And please, sit down for a minute, relax and MAKE time to eat in peace.

Rest your mind and body. Meditate. Create space between your thoughts. Sit still and feed your soul. Turn off your phone. Turn off your computer. Turn off your mind. Re-energize in stillness. Try a group meditation class  or download a good meditation app (we like to get you started.

Remember, being committed and consistent with your habits will create change. 

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Tanya Robertson is the Owner and Operator of Personalized Fitness which she started in 1999. Tanya has hands on valuable and extensive experience working full time for over 20 years in the health fitness industry.  She is qualified Health and Fitness Consultant, Health and Fitness Corporate Coordinator,  Personal & Group Fitness Trainer, Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga/Meditation Instructor.

Tanya Robertson is an entrepreneur at heart and has started other wellness businesses such as “Sakosh”  (who made and sold yoga pants and bags in Ottawa) and “Collective Wellness”, a health and wellness centre in Ottawa. She has recently graduated from Ottawa University as a Health and Physical Education Teacher and  is currently working on creating a new project called “Mindfully Fit” that will be introduced to the Ontario School System in 2017.