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Welcome to my Healthy Life Coach Program


A transformative journey tailored just for you!

In this immersive experience, I am dedicated to helping you cultivate habits that elevate your overall well-being. My focus spans across three integral pillars: fitness, nutrition, and mind. 

What's Included:


🌿 Personalized Coaching Sessions:

Embark on a personalized wellness journey with 4 or 8 weekly one-hour coaching sessions, either in person or online, designed to bring out the best version of yourself. These sessions are an opportunity for you to dive deep into your goals, challenges, and aspirations, guided by a holistic approach that considers your mind, body, and spirit.

🏋️ Fitness Transformation:

Ignite your fitness journey as we create a tailored exercise plan that aligns with your goals and fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or just starting, our program is designed to make exercise enjoyable and effective.

🥗 Nutritional Guidance:

Nourish your body with customized nutritional guidance. We'll work together to create a sustainable and enjoyable nutrition plan that caters to your unique needs, ensuring that you feel energized, satisfied, and nourished from within.

🧘 Mindful Living:

Explore the power of mindfulness and cultivate mental resilience. Learn techniques for stress management, practice mindfulness in your daily life, and develop a positive mindset that aligns with your wellness goals.

How It Works:


  1. Consultation: Begin with a comprehensive consultation to understand your current lifestyle, goals, and challenges.

  2. Weekly Sessions: Engage in 4 or 8 one-hour sessions, spaced throughout the month, where we'll dive into specific aspects of your holistic well-being.​

  3. Personalized Plan: Receive a personalized wellness plan that integrates fitness routines, nutritional guidance, and mindfulness practices.​

  4. Ongoing Support: Benefit from continuous support and motivation between sessions, ensuring you stay on track and inspired to make lasting changes.

Invest in yourself with this Health Coach Program guide you towards a balanced and vibrant life. Your well-being journey starts here!

Best Value

Healthy Life Coaching Program



Every month

a transformative journey tailored just for you!

Valid for 3 months

4, 1hour private sessions with Tanya

An initital consultation & assessment for Personalized Plan

3 Personalized Programs & 3 Personalized Rituals

Free unlimited access to Video - on - Demand

Weekly check ins for accountability

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