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FIT Kids Online

Being active is more important than ever as life as our lives are changing and physical interaction is limited.  Doing some form of exercise is an easy way to boost both your mental and physical health, and now is the ideal time to try a new activity. 

From the comforts of your home join us, and get the benefits of social connection and exercise. Live streaming provides a sense of community, something we most definitely need now. There’s nothing quite like following along together in real time and giving out virtual high-fives. 

**APRIL SPECIAL! Get unlimited access to all classes for $30 + HST**

(Single drop-ins $8+HST)

What classes are offered?

Morning Movement

Get your morning mojo on and set the tone for a healthier day. Join my morning workouts Monday thru Friday 8-8:30 am.




Evening Energizer

De-stress, unwind and sweat out all the frustrations and anxieties that  have been building up all day. Join my evening workouts Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-5:30 pm.

Step One: Sign-up for your monthly membership.

Step Two: Then, keep an eye on your inbox for a month's worth of Zoom codes. 

How the Membership Works

How the Single Drop-Ins Work

Pick your class from the list below and click "buy now" to register for a single drop-in class. Keep an eye on your inbox for your Zoom code.

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