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You are what your bacteria eats

Fermented foods for a FIT GUT!

Did you know?

The human body consists of a greater number of bacterial cells than animal cells? You can find most of them in your gut!

There are currently trillions of tiny creatures living in our bodies—and we should be grateful they are there. These good bacteria, particularly the species that reside in our gut, significantly improve digestion, immune health and overall well being.

The most effective way is by consuming a variety of fermented foods.

Why eat fermented foods?

When you preserve through fermentation, it not only increases the vitamins, minerals and enzymes, it also adds beneficial organisms that help keep our insides happy and our digestive system working smoothly. Fermented foods are packed with probiotics, a term used to define the good bacteria that live in the intestinal tract. 

Our Fermented Workshops
We warmly invite you to join in our 'hands on' seasonal themed fermentation workshop from the comforts of your kitchen. Our live virtual Fermented workshops are the next best thing to learning in person! We teach you about food fermentation, demonstrate a particular food tradition, and then we make it together. Do the workshop on your own, with a friend, or enjoy a healthy activity with your family. 


Many kids can be fussy eaters and eat a limited variety of real food, resulting in a lack of diversity of beneficial gut bacteria, translating to less than optimal health. Your child could benefit greatly from improving the diversity of their gut microbiome and being introduced to a wider selection of fermented foods. Fermented foods are perfectly safe for children, just in smaller amounts, and introducing them gradually.  You can have them eating better quality food without them realising it, and that’s a win-win situation for everyone! 


 What We Do in the Virtual Workshop 

  • LEARN: We’ll explain fermentation and have a brief discussion about all the benefits of making and eating fermenting foods.

  • DEMO: We’ll show you how to make delicious fermented foods and beverages

  • DO IT TOGETHER: Roll up your sleeves and follow along as we go through making and packing a jar of to-be fermented food.

  •  INTERACTIVE:  Although we ask that you mute yourself throughout the workshop, you can unmute and ask questions when the instructor offers it.

Your Instructor: Kathryn Armstrong


Kathryn has been growing, preserving and fermenting food for over 20 years and has been offering a variety of Fermenting Workshops with Personalized Fitness, such as cinniman maple cheese, seed crackers, sodas (ginger bug), dill carrot sticks and various gut shots to name a few. She is excited to share her passion for at home fermentation with other food enthusiasts.

Our next workshop: Saturday December 18th @ 9:30am

Festively Fermented: Apple Cinnamon Chutney & Apricot Butter
Festively Fermented: Apple Cinnamon Chutney & Apricot Butter
Dec 18, 2021, 9:30 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.
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