Virtual Group Fitness Classes

Finding a way to be active is more important than ever as our lives are ever-changing and our regular routines are disrupted. Doing some form of exercise is an easy way to boost both your mental and physical health, and now is the ideal time to try a new activity - or to ensure that healthy habits are continued. 



Join me from the comfort of your home (or anywhere else!) and get the benefits of social connection and varied exercise with interactive, personalized online classes. Daily small-group classes, streamed live (synchronous) through Zoom, provide a sense of community, no matter where you are. I will demonstrate each exercise, and will also carefully watch each participant and give direction on form, tips for personal modifications based on preference, fitness level or injury, and will ensure that everyone feels a sense of accomplishment after each class. 


There’s nothing quite like following along together in real time and giving out (and receiving) virtual high-fives!


Monthly Memberships offer full access to a variety of live online workouts that combine cardio and strength exercises - such as Yoga Bootcamp, Meditation, Pilates, Butts & Guts, Tabata training and more. If you miss a live class, don’t worry. Recordings are sent to all members the same day so you can always do them at a later time at your convenience. 


Next Monthly Session Package : Monday July 5 - Friday July 30th 2021


July Challenge 2021 : Movement & Meditation

I invite you to join me in being active…and to take time for relaxation next month.

Specifics of this four-week challenge:

· To complete all 20 of the half-hour workouts I offer in the month (Monday through Friday, from July 5 until July 30). They can be done live (via zoom) at 8 am or at any time via a recording I send you after each live class.

· To complete additional workouts on your own on the weekends, following a DIY program I will send you

· To complete a 10-minute daily breathing practice, guided by recordings I will send each week.

· And...for those of you who want to take it one step further (specifically if you are interested in weight loss or improving your gut health), I am suggesting an extra challenge of an extended overnight fast, meaning time restricted daily eating. Ideally, you would only eat during an eight-hour window. For example, you can choose to eat between 10am and 6pm, 11am and 7pm or 12pm and 8pm. 

If you have any questions about this challenge, please contact me at


Please register here. Once you register, you will receive an email with details.

Looking forward to working out with you in July!