Sonic Meditation / Sound Bath
Relax & Restore

As you lie comfortably, embraced in a sacred space of relaxation, you will be bathed in a luxurious sonic landscape and the healing frequencies of an ensemble of therapeutic sound instruments.  


The sound vibrations produced, help to shift our minds into a more relaxed state, allowing for a deepening of the meditative experience.  

If you’re new to meditation or find it difficult to meditate, sound bathing is a great way to get “in-tune” with yourself and access deeply meditative states with ease. Experience effortless relaxation, and connect to higher self while receiving subtle energy attunements through sound vibrations that bring clearing, balancing, and harmonization to your body, mind and spirit.

This sonic meditation is also beneficial for anyone dealing with insomnia, depression, anxiety, pain or stress.


These sessions are offer to individuals, couples or groups.


Contact me for more information.


Note: We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and bringing a mat a pillow, some to cover your eyes with and blanket. 


Upcoming Group Sessions

These are private group sessions offered at my home studio. Only 6 spots available

No upcoming events at the moment