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Starts Tuesday January 5th 2021




Online & Interactive Group Fitness Training for Kids in Grades 3 to 8


About Virtual Fit Kids

Virtual Fit Kids is an online fitness and wellness program that offers movement, motivation and physical education for school-aged children from grades 3 to 8.


It provides a healthy routine for kids after school so they can stay fit, form healthy habits, learn to control their minds and bodies through exercise and breath, and connect with others during this time when social interactions are limited for many, especially as the weather gets cooler.

Join us twice a week from home for a half-hour body break, which will consist of a warmup, fast-paced and ever-changing cardio and strength exercises, challenging and relaxing yoga poses, some breathing techniques and above all, fun with friends.

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The Benefits

Virtual Fit Kids will help students positively develop their mental, emotional and physical wellness including building self-awareness, self-regulation, a sense of self esteem, and resilience. They will also learn about their bodies, including naming muscles, understanding the respiratory system and the mind-body connection.  


Monthly memberships offer two online workouts each week. If you miss a live class, don’t worry. Recordings are sent to all members the same day so you can always

do them at a later time at your convenience. 

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Meet Tanya

Certified Personal Trainer & OCDSB Teacher

Coach Tanya has been a teacher with the Ottawa Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) for a few years, having obtained her Bachelor of Education degree with a specialization in Health and Physical Education from University of Ottawa in 2015.

January 2021  - Virtual Fit Kids

Online & Interactive Group Fitness Training for Kids in Grades 3 to 8

Next Session starts Tuesday January 5th 2021


Cost is $30 which includes tax 

What you get with your Virtual Fit Kids membership:​


> One class each week through Zoom,

on Tuesdays at 3:30PM for a total of four classes.


> Recordings of all classes.

How to Register

Step One: Sign-up for your monthly VIRTUAL FIT KIDS membership.


Step Two: Check your inbox for the zoom code and password to get into all the classes.


Sample Workout

3:15 PM: Everyone grabs a yoga mat and water bottle and finds a space in their home to work out.

3:20PM: Log in using the Zoom link provided. Minds are getting prepared to work hard and have fun.

3:30PM: Coach Tanya welcomes everyone and may tell a joke or two to get started

3:32PM: Warm up our bodies and minds

3:37PM: Tabata-style workout including jumping jacks, burpees, push ups, crunches, planks and boxing moves

3:50PM: Sun salutations and balancing yoga poses

3:55PM: Wind down with deep belly breaths

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