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Get fit anytime and anywhere.
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VIRTUALLY FIT is the ideal way to reach your fitness goals—on your schedule. When you sign-up, you'll get unlimited access to tons of live and on-demand online workouts. Classes include strength training, HIIT, cardio, yoga, ball toning and more.

It’s an amazing way to bring movement into your day and build healthy habits. Plus, our interactive live-streamed classes give you the benefits of social connection no matter where you are.

The best part? You can train at home, in your office or anywhere you feel comfortable.

The VIRTUALLYFIT Membership gives you unlimited access to live online classes, a recording of the classes and access to previous recorded classes.


Join the live workouts on Zoom. If the LIVE class times do not work for you, no problem. You’ll get each workout delivered straight to your inbox that same day so you can work out when it’s convenient.

Classes are taught by Tanya Robertson.

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PS: We offer the video-on-demand membership which is access to all the pre recorded classes. You can access these workouts anywhere/anytime. This is a monthly membership you can cancel at any time.

How it works

Sign up today

Sign up

Pick the plan below that best suits your needs. Once you register, check your inbox for more info.


(If you signed up for the Seasonal or Monthly Membership, you'll get a Zoom link to access the live classes. Please save the link. You'll have the option to add it to a Google Calendar.)

PLEASE NOTE: The live classes will resume in the fall 2023, for the summer, we will just be offering the Video on Demand membership which gives you access to a ton of my recorded classes over the past few years.

  • Video on Demand

    Every month
    Monthly access until cancelled
    • Unlimied access to previously recorded Fitness classes
    • Access to healthy recipes

"I met Tanya in 2016 after being on mat leave in the back of the parliament building (sounds shady) to do a workout like no other. We met at the suicide stairs and it was the toughest workout I had ever done but it got me hooked. Tanya is the best trainer I have ever had, not only because of the versatility of her workouts- she can teach anything from meditation to yoga to kick boxing to strength training to hitt workouts etc, - but also because she is an awesome human - she is down to earth, funny, empathetic and really cares about people.

Tanya is passionate about holistic wellness and always shares tips and tricks on taking care of mind, body and soul. I have to say that a big part of me staying sane and avoiding the pandemic 20 is attributable to Tanya- her morning virtual workouts have become a good habit that I look forward to that gets me through the day. Look forward to many more years having Tanya as my trainer!"

Nadine Roy

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