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Wellness Workshops

We offer 3 Personalized Wellness Workshops:  


Nutritionally FIT        Physically FIT      Mindfully FIT

Energize your team! Whether you are focusing on nutrition, physical fitness or mental wellness—or all three, our personalized workshops are designed to educate, encourage and motivate your team to engage in healthier habits. These tailored workshops will equip participants with effective and practical tools to manage stress, restore energy and improve overall health.


Each workshop is customized to prioritize your group's needs. Offered in-person or virtually, they are an effective way to instil healthier habits, foster a positive environment and create those connections that keep work flowing.


Wellness Workshops can be tailored, for example, to school staff and/or students, hospital staff, corporate teams and sports teams.


Each workshop lasts approximately 30-45minutes, but can be grouped for a full afternoon or day of wellness.


Cost is $200-250 plus tax per workshop.

“My goal is to inspire that one small step forward in each individual's health journey. Whether it’s incorporating a new vegetable into their diet, going for a walk every day, or practicing mindfulness every morning…it’s the little changes that make a big difference in the quality of our lives and our work.”

— Tanya Robertson; Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Holistic Nutritionist

Nutritionally FIT


Food is medicine! Although it’s easy to think about food as simple a need, it has the power to harm or heal our bodies. A registered Holistic Nutritionist1, Tanya has helped many clients reach their nutrition goals and improve their health since 2007. She has a number of nutrition certifications through Can FIT PRO.


With a functional approach, the Nutritionally FIT workshop aims to transform how your team members look at food and take them through the steps of improving their daily eating habits with specific nutrition tips.


This workshop can be combined with other workshops. Contact me to customize a package that fits your needs, goals and interests.




Do you ever feel like your mind is racing with a hundred different tasks and thoughts? Do you easily feel stressed or overwhelmed, and exhausted? Your team can learn to reduce stress, restore energy and develop peace of mind with a Mindfully FIT workshop! Tanya will take your team through proven breath practices that can lead them to a healthier, calmer and more focused state of mind. She will also teach them about the research behind the important benefits of nose breathing.


Your team members will learn comprehensive exercises to help them cultivate a sense of inner peace throughout their daily lives, giving them the tools to enhance their mindfulness and ability to stay focused throughout their day.


This workshop can be combined with other workshops. Contact me to customize a package that fits your needs, goals and interests.





Do you spend most of your day sitting at a desk? Do you tell yourself, “If only I had more time, I’d get out more"? Tanya will help inspire your team to get moving!


Regular exercise is a proven way to reduced your risks of numerous health issues, from cardiovascular illnesses to posture-related chronic pain. Tanya, a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer for many years, will tailor an interactive, hands-on workshop with specific exercises and stretches you can do at home and at work to improve and maintain a good posture.


The Physically FIT workshop aims to help your team members develop habits for a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. She can help each individual find ways of incorporating movement into their daily lives to get healthier, feel better and be more productive.


This workshop can be combined with other workshops. Contact me to customize a package that fits your needs, goals and interests.

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