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HI! My name is Tanya Robertson.

I am the owner and operator of Personalized Fitness, my health and fitness business that I started in 1999. I have over over almost 30 years  experience working in this field.

I started my journey in the industry at the young age of 14, where I worked at the front desk of a YMCA. It was there that I found a passion in teaching group fitness. The pivotal time which solidified my belief that movement heals was witnessing a friend of mine, who had been in a bad car accident, learn how to walk again, amonst many other challeges. To see his determination and drive to heal himself through movement and how it improved his emotional and mental well being imprinted a philosophy I've held my entire life and incororate into my business. Around this time I also participated in aerobics classes and fell in love with how it made me feel. It was a tough time in my life and fitness became an outlet for me.


In my teens, I became a certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer through the YMCA, Can Fit Pro and through the Sport Performance Instrutitute. It's around this time that my interest for business crepted in. I started, created, organized and ran lunchtime fitness classes at my high school. I continued on and worked at the University of Ottawa as a fitness Instructor and personal trainer.


I majored in Social Sciences with a concentration in Leisure/Recreation. It is here that I learned valuable and transferable skillsets, both 
verbal and written communication. As well, the ability to research, analyze and critically evaluate data. This became helpful for me running my business and working as a Health and Fitness Coordinator at a few workplaces.

During those years of study, I also worked as a Personal Trainer and group Fitness Instructor at GoodLife Fitness Clubs.

At GoodLife, I received  awards for Instructor of the Year and Trainer of the Month. I obtained a couple CanFit Pro certifications in Nutrition at the time as well.


After graduating in 1997, I continued working in my field of expertise at Export Develpment Canada. After working there for a few years as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer, I regonized room for improvement in the co-ordination of the employee fitness programs.

I decided to write and submitted a proposal for the development of a position as a "Health and Fitness Co-ordinator", which was warmly accepted. I worked there for 10 years and gain alot of knowledge and experience in this role.

In 1999, I left Goodlife, and started my own health and fitness business, Personalized Fitness. I mainly trained my clients in their homes or outside and sometimes in my apartment.

In 2002,my beautiful daughter was born, and my full time job began with this beautiful girl. In 2003, we moved into my OWN home and I opened up my home training studio, which I am still running today (yay). It was a big moment for me at the time, to forge out on my own, with a 6month old daughter and no money. I followed my gut, took risks, and carved out my own path. 20 years later, I have paid my house off and I still have so much passion for my work.


While working at Export Development Canada, and running my business, I earned a diploma in at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrtion (CSNN) and in 2008 became a Registered Nutritional Consultant.

And, in 2009, I wanted to start another business. I had an idea of a space with many wellness modalities for healing, all under one roof.

I collaborated with two other classmates from the CSNN and we opened a multi-modality health business: "Collective Wellness." It provided infra red sauna sessions, massage therapy, fitness and nutrional consulting, life coaching and sold various health and fitness products. I learned so much from this endevore. After getting it off the ground, we sold it and it continued to grow.

Somewhere around that time, I learned a bit about being in front of the camera and coming up with a ton of creating movement ideas.

I was brought in as a Fitness Expert on "Todays the Day" at CTV Morning Live (with Lianne Lang) for roughly10 years.

 Some of the video of these CTV fitness clips are on my youtube channel here (shameless plug)


Through my quest for continued learning and growth and a holistic approach to health, I received my Hatha Yoga Instructor Certification in 2011.

Soon after, I started teaching fitness classes at Bruyere Hospital for their employees.

I was asked to write a proposal to implement a new position as a Health and Fitness Coordinator. It was accepted and I worked for a few years as the Health and Fitness Coordinator for the employees and the hospital and a Group Fitness/Yoga Instructor.


After years, I craved a new challenge, and in 2015, went to teacher's college. I graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Education as my 2nd degree. I began substitue teaching with the goal of a part time position as a Health and Physical Education teacher.


Being flexible and adaptable, I have re-tooled my business since 2019 to include an online capacity with which I continue to provide support, motivation, encouragement.


These day, business is busy and my focus is on health coaching, personal training, outdoor bootcamp, yoga & meditation classes for my clientele. 

 My Certifications & Qualifications

Reiki Level 1 (2019)

CPR / AED / First Aid Certified, Canadian Red Cross (up to date)

Certified Ontario Health and Physical Education School Teacher (2017)

Bachelor of Education, Health and Physical Education, University of Ottawa (2015)

Psychic Development Level 1 & 2, Specialty of Mediumship. (2012)

Certificate for Yoga Instructor (Hatha & Yin), Yoga Alliance (2011)

Natural Nutrition Diploma, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Ottawa (2007)

Certificate for Nutritional & Wellness Specialist, Can-Fit-Pro (2001)

Certificate for Fitness Leader Course in Group Fitness, YMCA (1998)

Bachelor in Social Science, Concentration in Leisure Studies, University of Ottawa (1997)

Strength Trainer Certification with Sports Performance Institute (1997)

Personal Trainer Certification with Can Fit Pro (1996)

Assistant Instructor Certification with YMCA (1995)

Personal Trainer YMCA Certification, (1995)

In the News

My work has been featured on CBC Radio, Tone Magasine, iRun Magazine, and I was a regular contributor on CTV’s Today’s the Day with Lianne Laing for 10 years. Check out my recent media contributions below. 

Want to Work Together?

Are you ready to start your health and fitness journey? Want to learn more about my workplace wellness programs? Or are you looking for a contributor to your blog, podcast or publication?

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