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Personal Training 

Why Personal Train with me?

My passion for health and fitness stems from my personal journey, and I understand that each individual's path is unique. That's why I offer private training sessions crafted to address your specific requirements, whether it's developing a fitness program, enhancing flexibility, building strength, or incorporating meditation and relaxation through my sonic meditations. ​


Personalization is Key

No two people are alike, and neither should their fitness journeys be. In our private sessions, I take the time to understand your body mechanics, fitness level, any injuries, lifestyle, goals, likes, and dislikes. This comprehensive approach allows me to create a personalized plan that suits your individual needs. ​


Achieve sustainable results over the years.

I've successfully worked with diverse clients, helping them achieve goals such as weight loss, muscle tone and development, improved fitness, strength, flexibility, and balanced nutrition. My aim is to guide you in building sustainable habits that drive lasting results, leading to a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle. ​


What to Expect?

Motivation. Get the support and encouragement you need to stay motivated throughout your fitness journey. Guidance: During your private session,receive expert guidance on fitness routines, diet, and overall wellness tailored just for you.



Build sustainable habits that lead to a healthier, stronger, and more vibrant life. Move Better. Feel Stronger. Live Healthier. Embark on a fitness journey that transcends the ordinary. Join me for private training sessions that prioritize your unique goals and well-being. ​


Ready to invest in yourself?

Ask about my Personalized Holistic Health Coaching Package.
It includes a Personalized Fitness & Nutrition program, weekly support infused with growth mindset work.

Package details
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