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Welcome to Tanya's Fitness video-on-Demand Library

Welcome to our exclusive Video on Demand library, where members revel in unlimited access to a vast collection of previously recorded live stream classes spanning the past five years.

Immerse yourself in the unfiltered, informal, and often playful versions of Tanya's classes, each lasting around 30 minutes, making them easily doable from the comforts of your own home.

From Pilates and Box FIT to Strength Training, Tabata Training, Yoga, and more, Tanya's diverse range of classes caters to various fitness interests, providing the perfect opportunity to change things up and explore new exercises.

Designed for flexibility, clients are invited to take classes at their own pace, with modifications offered at times to ensure inclusivity. Embrace the freedom to modify as needed and embark on a fitness journey that adapts to your unique needs and preferences.

Enjoy the richness of education without boundaries, all at your fingertips!

Check out this 30minutes Iron Yoga Tabata classs to sample Tanya's teaching style.

Iron Yoga Tabata

Iron Yoga Tabata

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Video on Demand Membership



Every month

Pre-recorded 30-minute fitness classes taught by Tanya Robertson; Valid until canceled

Valid until canceled

Unlimited access to previously recorded fitness classes

Receive 50% discount off LIVE online classes

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