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In studio
small group private classes

Looking for a more private and focused fitness experience, without the price tag of a personal trainer?

Come join us for in studio private group classes in a supportive, encouraging environment.
Experienced instructor, Tanya, leads small groups of up to 3-6 people at her Ottawa studio. 

Small group training consists of one trainer working with a group of three to 6 clients. Keeping the group to an 6-person max allows the personal trainer to build a connection with each individual while also giving proper attention to each participant’s safety, form, and alignment.

Small group training has been shown to increase camaraderie, accountability, and success for individuals in the group. When individuals exercise in a group, they establish relationships and make friends, which helps to increase adherence to the program.

Reserve your spot ahead of time (see upcoming calendar below for May)
Cost is $35 per person / per class.
Payments can be made online or in person.

Tanya offers 3 different classes (see description below)
H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training)

Get ready to sweat and tone with our private studio HIIT circuit classes at Personalized Fitness. Join our fitness trainer Tanya Robertson for a high-energy workout that combines circuit strength and cardio stations using a variety of equipment such as the Bosu, Trampoline, Cable Machine, and Pilates reformer. With a maximum of 6 women per class, you'll get personalized attention and motivation to reach your fitness goals.

Restorative yoga & Sound 
Experience ultimate relaxation and stress reduction with a Restorative Yoga & Sound Bath class with Tanya Robertson. 
We will start with a seated breath meditation, followed by gentle restorative yoga poses to return our bodies to a restful state and reduce stress. Finally, we finish the class with a sound bath that will relax your soul, your muscles, and tissues, as well as reset your nervous system. Join us for a rejuvenating experience.

Silver Sculpt Circuit

Discover a tailored fitness experience designed specifically for women in their 60s and 70s. A perfect introduction to strength training for older adults.

This circuit training class is carefully crafted to address individual body concerns and limitations, ensuring a supportive environment where you can progress comfortably at your own pace. Emphasizing total-body strength, balance, stability, and flexibility, these exercises pave the way for a healthier, more vibrant life.

While weightlifting benefits people of all ages, it holds particular advantages for older adults. Strengthening your body not only helps prevent injuries, falls, and pain associated with aging but also enhances overall well-being. For instance, as we age, we naturally lose muscle mass unless we actively maintain it. 

By engaging in strength training, you not only potentially extend your lifespan but also improve its quality.

Fitness Class Schedule

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