Wellness Workshops

Our workshops are custom designed to meet your group’s health and wellbeing goals and interests. Whether you manage a corporate team, are a school principal or would like to host a workshop for a group of like-minded friends, I will consult with you and carefully build personalized workshop content. This ensures that the time we spend together will be empowering, transformative, meaningful and practical. The workshops are experiential and participants will leave with practical tools and skills to better deal with daily challenges, whether at work or at home.  


Workshops are offered virtually and are a great way to engage remote employees, build team spirit and offer a (mental) health pick-me up for everyone. We can focus on one topic or on a variety of topics, depending on the length of the workshop and on what suits the needs and wants of the group.



·    Short “Wellness Break & Learn” sessions (30 - 60 mins), booked any time during the day - think for example lunch time or as an addition to a regular afternoon staff meeting.

·    Virtual Wellness Workshop (Half Day).

·    Virtual Wellness Retreats (Full day).

Examples of health and wellness topics:​

·    Becoming Mindfully Fit

·    Boosting your immune system

·    Exercising to improve your posture

·    Exercising to decrease neck and should pain/strain

·    Stretches for your wrist and hands

·    Daily desk exercises 

·    Living more mindfully

·    Introduction to Sound Bathing for stress management

·    Strengthening willpower and self-regulation

·    Introduction to breathing techniques for meditation

·    Reducing stress and improving sleep quality

·    Fermenting foods

·    Eating for the seasons

·    Building and maintaining daily health routines for fitness, nutrition or meditation

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