Virtual Health & Wellness Workshops

Our workshops are custom designed to meet your group’s health and wellbeing goals and interests. Whether you manage a corporate team, are a school principal or would like to host a workshop for a group of like-minded friends, I will consult with you and carefully build personalized workshop content. This ensures that the time we spend together will be empowering, transformative, meaningful and practical. The workshops are experiential and participants will leave with practical tools and skills to better deal with daily challenges, whether at work or at home.  


Workshops are offered virtually and are a great way to engage remote employees, build team spirit and offer a (mental) health pick-me up for everyone. 


The format of the wellness workshops are short “Wellness Break & Learn” sessions 30-40minutes in length, booked any time during the day - think for example lunch time or as an addition to a regular afternoon staff meeting.


We currently offer the following three workshops. Each of these can be customized so that it is focused on the area most appropriate for your group.



This workshop offers specific coping mechanisms for dealing with stress, particularly related to the pandemic and working from home. Participants will engage in specific exercises that can be used as tools to help manage stress and anxiety on a daily basis. This will be achieved by:

  • Explaining benefits of mindfulness

  • Guided meditation

  • Breath Work

  • Brain Training Exercises


We engage participants in practical exercises to help them understand and experience mindfulness. Applying these techniques consistently will create a healthy habit that will help reduce stress in any area of life.


  • Being present

  • Conscious breathing

  • Awareness of thought

  • Self Regulation

  • Strengthening our will 



This workshop is geared towards helping people get back into their fitness flow. Learn key movements that aid in building or maintaining the strength needed for everyday life. Sitting for most of the day can affect our muscles, joints and posture. This workshop will demonstrate stretches, as well as mobility and strengthening exercises that can easily be done from home, without needing a fully equipped gym. Committing to a daily set of exercises, even if only for a few minutes, will help strengthen and restore body and mind.



Eating is part of our everyday routine. It is the fuel for our body and brain, and what we choose to fuel ourselves with determines a large part of both our physical and mental health. This workshop will help your team maintain their energy and focus with nutritional education, providing easy-to-follow tips and guidelines for making healthier eating choices and creating better habits. We will discuss ideas for snacks, main meals, eat/fast cycles and proper hydration. Participants will receive handouts with simple recipes and tips-and-tricks that will fit into even the most hectic lifestyles.

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